Peter Sheehan
Peter Sheehan is a freelance illustrator, writer, designer and storyboard artist based in Canberra, Australia.

Versatile in style, Peter designs to fulfill the unique demands of each story - be it filmic or comic, literary or journalistic. He has some 25 books to his name and has been drawing professionally since 1982 most notably for the oldest children’s’ literary magazine in the world – The School Magazine. Some of the films Peter has storyboarded include Breath, The Sapphires, Beneath Hill 60 and The Hunter.

Peter has been awarded a CBCA Honour Book prize, an APDG Award for Drawing, a Stanley Award for Best General Illustrator, 3 FACTS Awards, 2 Art Directors and Writers Awards and has been nominated twice for a Walkley Award. His artwork is held in the collections of The Australian National War Memorial and the Australian National Maritime Museum.

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As a journalist Peter illustrates editorials and opinion pieces. As an illustrator of children's literature he has over 25 books to his name and 30 + years contributing to The School Magazine. He is also a caricaturist and illustrator of community service projects.


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Peter has written for many projects across a wide variety of platforms. He is often commissioned to help develop community service and safety projects and his writing is often accompanied by his drawings.


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Peter has designed characters and locations for films, animations, television series, museums, theme parks, theatrical productions and community service projects.


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Able to draw fast when required and well versed in the dynamics of cinematography, acting, lighting and writing, Peter has storyboarded feature films, animated series, interactive exhibitions, staged choreography and television commercials.